Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Sad

So I know i said i was going to try and keep up with my blogging, and this i am going to continue. But this past week has been such a whirl wind, it is so surreal. I am not sure if everyone has heard about the crash of flight 3407, and the 50 lives lost. But this was literally in my own back yard. I do not personally know anyone on the flight, but i have family members and friends who do. It is such a sad sad thing we have been thinking and praying for all the families affected, the people who live around the crash site have not even been allowed back in their houses and it has been one day shy of a week. please pray for these people and their families

Sunday, February 8, 2009


so i mentioned a little before that the twins are on a pretty good schedule. Not so much in the sence that they must wake up at 8am sharp and eat breakfast at 830 sharp. No its nothing like that its really more to make my life easier, i keep them on pretty much the same schedule so i am not always feeding someone. Because that is how I would feel if they were not one one. Now Trevor my firstborn he was the most easy going little guy ever, we were almost always on the go. He could eat if he wanted nap when he wanted and was just on the whatever i feel like doing at this moment schedule, and it worked for us. I have never been the schedule type, but since having twins i have needed to. They get up around 830 in the morning, have a bottle and play. Somewhere between 10 or 11 o'clock they east some cereal with fruit and then go down for a nap. Wake up again around 1 o'clock have a bottle and play again, nap at 3 where they usually sleep for an hour or 2. They eat cereal and a veggie or stage 2 food for dinner about 530is then bath and bed by 730. Now i know all of you love hearing about my boring schedule i have set for my twins. I miss the easyness of one child and being able to be on the go whenever i want, But i do love the chubby gummy smiles of my Cash and Brody.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So i totally am in love with my man. Really he is great he loves me, he provides for our family, he is very easy going, he listens to me bitch about everything. But honestly sometimes i want to punch him in his man areas! OK that is a little mean, but really what goes on in that head of his sometimes i wonder! So this morning he let me sleep in, one of the many things i love about him. But he let Brody Sleep all morning, therefore the twins are now on opposite schedules! This kills me, yes i understand the boys went to bed late last night since we were at my inlaws, but to allow Brody sleep in till 1030 is nuts. They usually wake up around 830am so letting him sleep in an hour would have been ok. Then when i was talking to him about it he acted like it made no sence to him, why did it matter if they were on opposite schedules, well hunny maybe because it makes our lives easier! LOL and our children do very well with this schedule if you ask me, our firstborn not so much a schedule babe, the twins i had to do it cause i would have died with out it. Anyways since he decided this was such a good idea, i decided i was going to go out for the day and get some things done so he can see what its like with one baby up and one baby sleeping....and im off....

Here are some lovely beach pictures since we have LOTS of snow where i am....hey wishfull thinking!
ugh i guess i have to figure this blog thing out a little better...the picture at the top is supposed to be down here

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here is our christmas picture i figured i would brag a little cause i love my kids! haha i am obviously biased, but they are just so darn cute! and chubby <3

New baby pic! too bad you cant post the new baby smell....o how i love that!


so i am really gonna try with the blog thing now, try being the key word. I have a brand new niece He'lena Grace. She is beautiful and was born on saturday. I love her, no really i love her. Im not sure if its because i only have boys, but she is just awsome i feel as though i am going to spoil this little girl to death. Dont get me wrong i LOVE my boys, but there is just something about little girl clothes that kill me! LOL! we are so done having children, but seeing the twins cutting teeth, rolling around, starting to babble, well it makes me sad :*( O well i will get my baby fix with my little niece!