Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So i totally am in love with my man. Really he is great he loves me, he provides for our family, he is very easy going, he listens to me bitch about everything. But honestly sometimes i want to punch him in his man areas! OK that is a little mean, but really what goes on in that head of his sometimes i wonder! So this morning he let me sleep in, one of the many things i love about him. But he let Brody Sleep all morning, therefore the twins are now on opposite schedules! This kills me, yes i understand the boys went to bed late last night since we were at my inlaws, but to allow Brody sleep in till 1030 is nuts. They usually wake up around 830am so letting him sleep in an hour would have been ok. Then when i was talking to him about it he acted like it made no sence to him, why did it matter if they were on opposite schedules, well hunny maybe because it makes our lives easier! LOL and our children do very well with this schedule if you ask me, our firstborn not so much a schedule babe, the twins i had to do it cause i would have died with out it. Anyways since he decided this was such a good idea, i decided i was going to go out for the day and get some things done so he can see what its like with one baby up and one baby sleeping....and im off....

Here are some lovely beach pictures since we have LOTS of snow where i am....hey wishfull thinking!
ugh i guess i have to figure this blog thing out a little better...the picture at the top is supposed to be down here

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

Your children are adorable!