Sunday, February 8, 2009


so i mentioned a little before that the twins are on a pretty good schedule. Not so much in the sence that they must wake up at 8am sharp and eat breakfast at 830 sharp. No its nothing like that its really more to make my life easier, i keep them on pretty much the same schedule so i am not always feeding someone. Because that is how I would feel if they were not one one. Now Trevor my firstborn he was the most easy going little guy ever, we were almost always on the go. He could eat if he wanted nap when he wanted and was just on the whatever i feel like doing at this moment schedule, and it worked for us. I have never been the schedule type, but since having twins i have needed to. They get up around 830 in the morning, have a bottle and play. Somewhere between 10 or 11 o'clock they east some cereal with fruit and then go down for a nap. Wake up again around 1 o'clock have a bottle and play again, nap at 3 where they usually sleep for an hour or 2. They eat cereal and a veggie or stage 2 food for dinner about 530is then bath and bed by 730. Now i know all of you love hearing about my boring schedule i have set for my twins. I miss the easyness of one child and being able to be on the go whenever i want, But i do love the chubby gummy smiles of my Cash and Brody.

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Christy said...

I am very schedule oriented. My life revolves around naps and mealtimes. I could not function without a pretty rigid schedule.