Friday, May 29, 2009

Double Trouble

Whoever came up with the phrase "Double Trouble" was defiantly not messing around. I knew when we found out we were expecting twins it was going to be tonz of work, and I have always told myself if I can make it through the first year it will be OK. But jeez I kind of wish we were back in the infant stage where it was just eat, poop, sleep, eat, poop, sleep! I am just shy of 2 weeks away from my babies First Birthday! (Holy Crap I cant believe that) and its still a lot of eat, poop, sleep X2, but it is also lots of wiping sticky fingers, chasing after (only now i have gotten smarter and gating them in one room), being a referee since all they do is steal each others toys, and cleaning crumbs O my the crumbs are EVERYWHERE! Seriously all i do is clean and pick up and wipe down, I am sure every mom can relate to this, but sometimes I don't know why i bother to wipe the high chairs they are just going to get crumby and messy after the next meal. I think my vent might have to do with us going to a concert on Wed. I look forward to getting away sometimes, but it sets me back so much that sometimes I am not sure its worth it.

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