Monday, June 1, 2009


Today is my 22 birthday. The Twins are napping Little Guy is eating, my house is a mess from the weekend (even though we were barly home, how that happens ill never know) And were going out to dinner tommrow cause my Lover is working late tonight.

Last year I was pregnant with the twins on my birthday, like almost 9 months preg. Haha i think i was sitting up in bed trying to sleep with heart burn so bad my throat was raw from being burned. Birthdays have always been fun, even if it wasnt celebrated on the actual day I didnt care. Now that Im a mom of 3 its about the kids i honestly dont care if we do nothing. I love my family and want to be with them. I know 22 isnt even old at all, i feel old but not in age. I think i am now realizing how much faster i had to grow up then others. Again not complaining I love my life, my family and my friends. Its just hard to relate to others sometimes. At Little Guys school i am by far the youngest mom, everyones really nice its just hard to relate. A few of my friends have children, but they only have one, and those friends are even older then me. I have 3, people are always schocked to hear it and say "God bless you", or "How do you do it?!" and I even get some "You must be Crazy!".

But Really I am just glad to have made it another year, especially this year. I get tears in my eyes thinking that the twins will be One Year old in two weeks. It was a rough one, but it was a good one.

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